New tracks from our upcoming EP

Dive the Tower is:

Morgan Sweet: Vocals
Phil Paicopolos: Guitar
Derek Almeda: Guitar
Jim Tata: Bass
Mark Boado: Drums
Dive the Tower is one of Boston's up and coming rock acts. They have created the perfect blend of energy and melody, with each song grabbing your attention from the first note to the last. Their mixture of rock and pop sensibility has quickly gained them a large fan base in New England. Dive the Tower is a must see with their high energy performance, giving wings to their music. Their passion and conviction shines through on stage as they provide an experience we all seek as music fans. They are currently finishing up their new EP featuring the single "Get Me Out" Their music has matured with a no-non sense approach to writing. Each song hits hard from the get go, and the layered guitars and sing a long vocal lines imprint instantly.

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It's almost here! The new EP "What's Left Of Me" Produced by Tom Iannello (Transit, J-Bones) and mixed by Phil Dubnick.